Holly says
Tabby says
Tiddy says

We had no idea we were that Hungry Hannah!! YES just YES to Friday Feeds! 

Big thanks for our beautiful box of deliciousness. Kids loved it too, full on, Delilah now loves pickled cucumber! So much stoke!

Thank you so much for bringing lunch to us today - the food was absolutely off the planet and I have never tasted such wonderful flavours. You simply must open a shop here. Archie Browns in PZ was always mu favourite place in the world to eat (and I have dined in the best coming from London and having travelled well) but you definitely top any of that.

Sophie is made up that the juice is not sweet as she is a diabetic. We will put in our orders for next week.

That's the best random door opening I've had in a long while! The lunch was completely delicious - I ate every last grain of it, and the sesame snaps and the delicious ginger drink. Five stars all the way.

Good luck and thank you so much!