For the indecisve ones... a mix of 3 x 300ml bottles of Ginger Nectar and 3 x 300ml bottles of Jamu.


Ginger Nectar  - A serious blast of ginger zing, that will kick start your day. Made with ginger root, lemon, raw honey and natural mineral water. Aids digestion, uplifts the body and cleanses the mind.

Jamu - An ancient Indonesian health tonic made with fresh turmuric root, ginger root, lemon, raw honey, black pepper and natural mineral water. Freshly made golden liquid with anti-inflamatory and antioxidant properties. It won't be long before this amazing herbal tonic, with it's roots in indian ayurvedic + chinese medicine, becomes part of your daily ritual too.


Cold pressed juicing retains maximum nutritional value of all ingredients. 

3 x 300ml bottles Ginger Nectar | 3 x 300ml bottles Jamu

  • Keep refridgerated. Drink within 1 week of delivery. 


    Shake well before drinking. 

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