Friday Feed

On the menu for the Friday Feed, 6th July:


This weeks Hungry Box is a poke style green and purple extravaganza! With black rice, lightly steamed broccoli, sugarsnaps, avocado, red cabbage, spirulised courgette, edamame, pink pickled ginger, spring onions, corriander, spicy peanut and coconut furikake (an unami-rich seasoning with nori (seaweed), black and white sesame seeds, togarashi spice, roasted peanuts and coconut flakes) with a delicious a dressing of soy*, ginger, sesame and lime. 


A Hungry Treat... my Seedy Nutty Bites... Packed with toasted buckwheat, pumpkin seeds, cashews, sesame seeds, coconut, ground almonds and oats. Held together with a date and maple paste and a kick of ginger.


A Hungry Nectar- a 300ml bottle of uplifting and zingy Ginger Nectar. Made with ginger root, lemon, raw honey and natural mineral water.


*I am using tamari, which is gluten free. 

Friday Feed

  • I assume you will have a refrigerated space to keep your lunch in until you want to eat it.

    Please do not reheat bowls.

    All food is prepared in a kitchen that contains nuts.

    Do get in touch if you have any questions about what is on the Friday Feed menu this week.