6 x 300ml bottles of Jamu

An ancient Indonesian health tonic made with fresh turmuric root, ginger root, lemon, raw honey, black pepper and natural mineral water.

This freshly made vibrant golden liquid with anti-inflamatory and antioxidant properties has a warm and spicy buzz. It won't be long before this soothing herbal tonic, with it's roots in indian ayurvedic + chinese medicine, becomes part of your daily ritual too. 

Turmeric root has many proven health benefits. It contains the active ingredient curcumin. The black pepper in the drink aids absorbtion of the curcumin. A daily glass is purifying and healing, it detoxifies the liver (great hangover cure!), boosts the metabolism and... pass me a bottle!!! 

Made through cold pressed juicing, which retains maximum nutritional value of all ingredients. 

6 x 300ml bottles of Jamu

  • Keep refridgerated. Drink within 1 week of delivery. 


    Shake well before drinking.